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A mesotherapy which is now classical, indicated for all skin types.

A mesotherapy which is now classical, indicated for all skin types.

What is Frequency Cavitation mesotherapy?

Frequency Cavitation mesotherapy is a classical type mesotherapy with high percentages of line removal and skin regeneration. It is a unique treatment: it acts directly on the fibroblasts, where the basic cell protein structure, collagen, is produced.

How does Frequency Cavitation mesotherapy work?

The treatment lasts for 90’ and its application is done with two heads of different sizes. The small head targets the small and bigger lines which each one separately fills with botulinum.

What do we gain by Frequency Cavitation mesotherapy?

Frequency Cavitation treatment boosts the dermis, the middle skin layer, it feeds the skin surface and the skin appears youthful and rejuvenated again. The treatment additionally boosts collagen production and increases elastin and cell metabolism. The skin glows, it is firm again and the lines are reduced at a large proportion.

What does it provide?

  • Lifting facial features
  • Smoothing deep lines
  • Disappearance of small lines
  • Decongestion of lymphatic edemas

You too can try the most classical mesotherapy. Trust our experienced staff and get information regarding the most suitable protocol for your needs and skin type.

It is indicated for all skin types and produces excellent results regardless of age.

Duration: 90′

Frequency Cavitation mesotherapy can be combined with Autologous Mesotherapy to produce maximum results on a face!


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