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Acids are the solution for intense revitalization, exfoliation, hydration, firming and regeneration!


What do acids provide?

Hydroxy acids (AHA) are a group of organic non-toxic substances found in natural foods, while some of them are provided by fruits, which they owe their name to (fruit acids).

More specifically:


They reduce the cohesion of keratinocytes and cause exfoliation

They activate the cells of the stratum corneum and new cells are produced

They reduce the size of cells and bring it back to normal

Fibroblasts are energized to produce collagen

They increase skin moisture

Treatment with acids in essence accelerates skin regeneration, as it removes the dead cells from the skin surface, with the result that the skin regenerates new cells on its own!


Moreover, the resulting PH reduction leads to the increase of the potency of specific enzymes which stimulate regeneration, resulting in the increase of the thickness and improvement of skin texture.


In the dermis, the small molecules of acids penetrate skin barriers, promoting collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis. In this way, the balance in skin hydration is ensured, resulting in its elasticity and youthfulness.



Fine lines disappear

It accelerates the regeneration of new cells, resulting in firming

Aged skin is regenerated

Surface scars from acne are removed

Intense skin oiliness is regulated

Discolorations disappear

Duration: 45′



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