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The ACNIPURE treatment balances the oiliness of enlarged pores and sebum; we must however avoid it in case of extensive inflammation or we can consult the store cosmetician as to whether it is indicated. It has strong antibacterial action and anti-inflammatory properties. The basic ingredients are sea salts and zinc. Zinc reduces skin inflammation and can help reduce acne when taken orally; locally it has antiseptic properties and that is why we do not have to apply high-frequency currents in this treatment.


On oily skins we always combine it with at least one deep cleansing at the beginning, but if the cosmetician thinks it appropriate, also in between treatments. The sebum extraction done in this treatment lasts much less than a deep cleansing, it is therefore better to leave the extraction of sebum to the deep cleansing and not to debase such a treatment to a simple cleansing when it can do so much more.



Very oily skins with intense sebum or oiliness


On dry skins as a cleansing, for avoiding irritation to the skin through vapor.


A cleaner skin look, it reduces roughness and dullness and intense shining. This alone is sufficient for someone suffering from symptoms of oily skin to make this treatment their best friend.




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