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Antiaging with Mag Le Mieux

Antiaging with Mag Le Mieux

At Figura Clinica the quest for youth has the most innovative proposal; it is called MAG LE MIEUX!

Antiaging NOW. The special antiaging protocol Mag le Meiux provides a youthful face and softens lines. No one likes to look old, or older or the oldest person in one room. No one likes looking at the mirror and see a reflection they do not like! No one likes aging! Period. 

This is why medical aesthetic treatments are so widely known and chosen!

What does antiaging with Mag le Meiux provide?

Face contour and firmness are improved and skin is reconstructed. The innovative treatment proposal activates the process of collagen genesis and fibroblast production.

  • Filling lines
  • Reshaping of the oval
  • Face and neck firming

Intracellular cohesion is restored, as the treatment focuses on the upper face and the lower half, allowing for the definitive elimination of lines, firming and restoration of contour.

A smooth, youthful and firm face

The treatment has many benefits! All you have to do is discover them!

How does antiaging with Mag le Mieux work?

It mimics the action of botulinum toxin and of injectable hyaluronic acid, by penetrating directly into the lines and filling them with hyaluronic acid. In this way we prevent the contraction of the muscles which produce expression lines. It fills the lines around the lips, provides intense firming. Biological actions remove the lines in the nasomalar and nasolabial area and provide a youthful face.

Hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight is injected into the deeper lines and fills them, providing volume, hydrating and restoring the normal ravages of time.

Duration: 75′-+

Our staff will guide you and assist you in finding the perfect treatment for you. We want you to have the best possible results and we are here to help you! Be sure to check all our available offers!


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