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Colors affect our skin exactly in the same way as they affect our mood

Chromatherapy is a pioneering protocol which uses color energy in order to affect body and soul beneficially.

What does chromatherapy provide?

Colors have a positive effect, each in its own unique way. They help in psychology, inflammations, skin reconstruction and blood supply, infections, even acne.

It can be applied to literally all types of skin and produce excellent results.

How is the application done?

The treatment starts with a facial peeling in order to leave the skin clean and to remove make-up and pollutants. We remove the peeling and apply gel on the face in order to activate skin reconstruction. Then, in conjunction with aloe, we use cold laser. Finally, depending on the needs of each face, the corresponding light color is applied for 15 minutes.

Let go, relax and appear younger with colors!  

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