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Glow, renewal and a more youthful skin are the gifts of the diamond to people!

The “Diamante Dermabrasion” treatment promises a smooth appearance a and a glowing face immediately. Discolorations and blemishes on the face, neck and arms are softened, the skin is hydrated, photoaging signs are reversed, dead cells are removed and the skin acquires a smooth and glowing look again.

How does Diamante Dermabrasion function?

Diamante is applied by a special head covered at its tip with real diamond chips, effecting dermabrasion and suction on all application surfaces.

What does Diamante Dermabrasion achieve?

The treatment increases blood circulation and boosts collagen production. The appearance of the skin changes, it becomes glowing and healthy, the pores are less visible.

It is equally applied to men and women and contributes equally to the removal of dead cells as well as the stimulation of skin cell metabolism.

  • Treatmentof fine, first lines 
  • Healingof surface acne scars
  • Immediateresults

It can be combined with radiofrequencies and  deep hydration treatments!

One unique treatment, Diamante, try it right now!

The impressive treatment results are immediately visible and they do not produce marks and scars during application. After the treatment you can continue your normal activity flow. Its duration is only 60’, and the result is worth it. Luxury is now combined with cosmetic medicine for a youthful and renewed skin, your skin.

Combine Diamante treatment with face hydration for fantastic results!


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