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Double Cavitation  treatment for treating skin looseness

Double Cavitation  treatment for treating skin looseness

It is a combination of  radiofrequencies and isometric workout.

1st Stage: 10 minutes Cuerpo (glycerine application) with radiofrequencies. They produce controlled heat, causing a thermal shock to the fibroblasts which immediately activates the reconstructive process of collagen production.

2nd Stage: 30 minutes Electrotherapy aiming at body firming and definition.

The selection of the program is done based on the person’s needs and it is absolutely individualized, as we can adjust both pulse frequency and the duration of muscle contraction. During electrotherapy, isometric muscle contraction is achieved without altering muscle length and without movement in the corresponding joint.

It is an alternative form of exercise which activates in a different but equally effective way the musculoskeletal system, while it is an ideal solution for people with joint problems.

Duration: 40 minutes


199 00 Total slimming with the combination of Cryolipolysis and Double Cavitation!