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Treatment for dark circles and swelling: EYE SPECIALE

Face aesthetics with us is like a magic wand for every woman or man who wants to win the battle with time. Besides weight control, aesthetic medicine has achieved scientific feats in the anti-ageing sector with protocols which soften wrinkles, improve skin tone and can take away years from the human face. Eye speciale is a specialized eye treatment for reducing dark circles and swelling around the eyes which bother so many people. Even the most beautiful eyes lose their magic, since dark circles make them look heavy, lifeless and tired. They are also the first thing anyone notices…

With the help of small, mild suctions at the micro-lymph of the eyes and face, immediate reduction of the swelling is achieved and mild circle decolorisation, therefore I would suggest that you apply in one eye first, in order to show the result, and then to continue as usual. Subsequently, cryotherapy relieves tired eyes, reduces swelling. Collagen leaves and special caviar masks for the eyes nourish the area and help its regeneration. It is good to try and find out what causes them.

Lack of sleep, lack of water, lack of iron or bad iron absorption, many hours in front of a computer screen without filters, are some of the usual reasons why someone has dark circles, therefore we can give some advice for the everyday life of the person who has them and advise them regularly to select this treatment for symptom relief and a more rested and healthy look.


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