Plastic Surgery

Lifting, 5 point

Lifting, 5 point

Lifting, 5-point provides the answer to a question all of us might ask.

Why choose something surgical like lifting, 5-point

When there are bloodless solutions?

In our times there are non invasive also for face lifting and damage correction, however not all treatments are equal.

Usually, when we have before us a face which has not received particular care in the past and we cannot intervene with a preventive treatment, we must consider the possibility of a surgical treatment.

As treatments are defined the applications which aim at the treatment of particular cellular structures of the skin that have been destroyed.

What does it provide?

The 5-point lifting protocol is the intervention which treats skin sagging, loss of elasticity and loss of muscular tone, asymmetries in the brows either caused by wounding or of congenital etiology, permanent and intense forehead lines and eyebrow dropping.


Duration: approximately 60-90 minutes

Recovery: removal of stitches in 10-12 days

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