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Lip hyaluronic

Lip hyaluronic

Lip hyaluronic is here to fill your void! It provides you with full, feminine, well formed, rich lips with painless microinjections of hyaluronic acid.

The sexiest area of the female face, the lips, can regain their lost volume. The natural result will surprise you.

What does it provide?


This treatment provides restoration of the volume and shape of lips making them look fuller and well-shaped. Full and sexy lips with no discomfort.

Contrary to surgical methods, no recovery time is needed after the application.

The application results last for 6-12 months.

Hyaluronic is an affordable and immediate solution for all, as the total cost of the procedure is low.

Lip hyaluronic, is it dangerous?

The application of hyaluronic acid on the lips is totally safe and no counter-indications have been observed. The application quantity is determined in consultation with the plastic surgeon.

Trust the experienced staff of Eonia and get the lips you have always desired. Hyaluronic acid is the ideal affordable solution for the needs of the modern woman who wants to remain desirable.

Duration: 60′ – 120′

Give your confidence a boost and try it out today. Get natural lips that are worth kissing in a painless and effective way!


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