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Lipolysis by Liporobot

Lipolysis by Liporobot

Lipolysis by Liporobot is a pioneering, non-invasive, painless treatment which becomes your ally in losing weight!

What does lipolysis by Liporobot provide?

Liporobot is designed to combat accumulated local fat in men and women with the help of advanced, multifocal ultrasound.  It therefore discreetly frees the body of undesired fat, combats accumulated local fat and naturally corrects body contour.

How does lipolysis by Liporobot work?

Lipolysis by Liporobot is literally the cutting-edge technology of aesthetic medicine. The application starts with the use of a special camera which gives us the opportunity to focus on the affected area. Ultrasound of focused, non-invasive energy is transmitted to the fat cells of a particular area in the body (e.g. abdomen, sides) which break down.

The screen shows us the uniform energy provision which then continues towards the deeper skin layers. In this way, it penetrates fibroblasts and causes a false injury, resulting in collagen and elastin production. This process causes skin firming and regeneration. Then, the ultrasound energy is transmitted to fat cells and causes them to break down!

Permanent, visible and uniform results in the first month already. After one session we observe a reduction of (2) cm in the body circumference.

After one session, changes in the body are observed!

Is the treatment dangerous?

The treatment is safe and totally painless, the surrounding tissue is not injured and it is applied by one of our specialized physicians.


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