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Lipolysis with Lipofight

Lipolysis with Lipofight

Lipolysis with Lipofight is a revolutionary treatment!

How does lipolysis with Lipofight work?

Lipolysis with Lipofight uses targeted high frequency ultrasound in order to reshape body contour.

Lipofight ultrasound, through the special head, targets the subcutaneous fat layer and permanently destroys fatty tissue, without affecting the epidermis or the deeper tissue. Lipofight allows us to target one point and to channel the direct ultrasound energy to a specific depth with the help of a special head. An additional spraying tool ensures patient comfort.

Its results are not only impressive but also permanent!

What does lipolysis with Lipofight provide?

It reduces fat and local fat in the abdomen, the arms, knees, the back, the thighs, the buttocks, love handles and eliminates cellulite.

Fat melts and is naturally eliminated from the body, while permanent fat loss is completed in 8-12 weeks.

The results are already visible after the first session, the method is painless and recovery time is zero.

How dangerous is Lipofight lipolysis?

Lipofight lipolysis treatment is absolutely safe and is carried out by a specialized physician.

It is the perfect non-surgical solution.

A firm and elastic skin with Lipofight technology.

Duration: 30-60′



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