Nd Yag

Nd Yag

The end of hair growth thanks to Long Pulse Laser Nd:YAG

Long Pulse Laser Nd:YAG is the second generation in long pulse systems and the safest way to achieve velvet skin without a trace of hair!

Its wave length of 1064 nm makes it suitable for all skin and hair types, while it can be applied to every area on the body. The laser beam is absorbed selectively by the hair melanin towards the follicles, heat is produced which inactivates targeted structures and hair growth stops.

Long Pulse Laser Nd:YAG has proven in long clinical practices that it is the  most effective and safest of all hair depilating lasers. At 70% of instances we achieve permanent depilation in 5 sessions. However, our yearlong experience has shown that in some cases up to 10 sessions may be needed.

The team of doctors operating the machines is specially trained and has the required experience to guarantee you the result, while each session is carried out following the application protocol.

Duration: depending on the area


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