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Neck Lifting, Non-Invasive

Neck Lifting, Non-Invasive

Neck Lifting, Non-Invasive

It is the first and only device approved by the F.D.A. Non-invasive face and eye lifting.

Neck Lifting. Bloodless lifting with Dermalift is a non-surgical treatment which does not require anesthesia and smooths expression lines. It improves skin tone, rejuvenates the skin, giving it a youthful appearance and texture.

How does non invasive neck lifting work?

Dermalift targets specifically the deeper layers of the skin fibers, without disturbing its surface. Bloodless lifting with the help of ultrasound provides the plastic surgeon with an opportunity to distinguish the skin layers on a display screen. This assures that energy is channeled to the point where it will have the greatest results.

Bloodless lifting with Dermalift uses the technology DeepSEE, which allows the doctor to see the skin and muscle layers, targeting specific depths. Mainly the deeper layers which support the skin surface, without affecting the upper layers. This technology provides the treatment with accuracy and safety.

With Dermalift technology we achieve a visible bloodless lifting and skin firming for the first time. At the first stage we target energy accurately on the deeper connective tissue and muscle layers and to the known SMAS, that layer which we stretch during a surgical face-lift.

The shrinking in the deeper layers leads to immediate firming and finally to visible lifting. 

During the second stage the doctor targets selectively the deeper skin layer, on a surface level, stimulating collagen production.

What does non invasive neck lifting provide?

Bloodless lifting with Dermalift is a treatment which targets selectively and with absolute exactness on multiple levels, achieving a 3D natural and gradual face construction. The cheekbones return to their initial place, face contour is recreated, double chin is reduced and eyelids open. It is also an excellent treatment for lifting lines on the upper lip.

Immediately after a treatment the result is visible and there is immediate firming, while the result is gradually completed in the next 2-3 months.

Is non invasive lifting painful?

It requires no time for recovery, allowing immediate return to everyday activities. It is very effective regarding skin firming, while it leaves the skin surface intact. It has no undesirable effects and the problems other skin firming techniques may cause, while it is also painless.

Duration: 30 minutes

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