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Reduction of local fat is provided by the pioneering and innovative exclusive Cryo Crystal treatment!

How is local fat reduction achieved?

The treatment consists of ultrasound with microcrystals on the contact spot with the affected area and a special electrotherapy of lymphatic decongestion, muscular strengthening and increase of basic metabolism through passive body exercise.

Reduction of local fat with the Cryocrystal treatment is achieved in two stages.

During the first stage which lasts for 20’, the crystal treatment ultrasound. Crystal has the capacity to reach temperatures of up to -15Ο C, penetrating the fatty tissue and causing shrinking of fatty tissue and increase of metabolism. This produces an immediately perceptible sense of wellbeing.

During the second stage which lasts for 20’ lymphatic decongestion takes place, as toxins and useless body ingredients are removed through the natural biological way. The treatment is completed with 20’ of isometric passive exercise in order to achieve muscular mass strengthening and increase.

Cryocrystal treatment is a treatment that cannot disappoint you!

The results are immediately visible and are similar to those of cryolipolysis treatments.  

Cryo Crystal promises immediate loss of 3-5 cm locally and reduction of fatty tissue by 1%-4% within a week

Is Cryocrystal treatment dangerous?

Cryo Crystal is painless, safe and can become your ally in losing weight.

Duration: 45′


199 00 Total slimming with the combination of Cryolipolysis and Double Cavitation!