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Stretch marks

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are no longer a permanent problem.

Stretch marks are now a thing of the past! This treatment uses a fine needle to inject medical carbon dioxide. CO2 is quickly distributed to all adjacent tissues, achieving a powerful effect on microcirculation. Transdermal administration of carbon dioxide has therapeutic properties in combating this problem.

What does CO2 treatment provide?

The aesthetic problem posed by stretch marks can become a thing of the past, as transdermal administration of carbon dioxide:

  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Contributes to the better and more even distribution of collagen in the connective tissue.
  • Increases the provision of oxygen locally and releases toxins
  • Cellulite, local fat and skin texture improve
  • Fatty tissue breaks down, fat cells become cracked and triglycerides are released in intercellular spaces

The method is totally safe and effective in combating stretch marks.

What else does the treatment provide?

CO2 treatment can also reduce local fat by up to 4 cm. and can also improve body weight (up to – 1,5kg). It can be used to eliminate wrinkles but also to improve acne and surgical scars.

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